OKF is committed to building an enterprise service ecosystem based on the world of the future.

The enterprise chain OKF is an enterprise service incentive platform based on blockchain and cloud computing technology. It adopts the decentralized blockchain community model to transform the platform benefits into the OKF Token as a platform for the implementation of smart contracts. The transaction volume completes the value-added of the OKF token, which in turn leads to the founding benefits of the enterprise chain. The enterprise chain OKF binds the platform's interests and demand parties/service providers to the original, and gradually transforms/eliminates the role of intermediary service providers so that all participants can obtain a fair distribution of benefits. This incentive approach is more traditional than the traditional model. For a long time, it can also encourage service providers to provide better services to customers and create greater value. OKF - the world's first corporate service incentive platform based on blockchain and cloud computing.

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