OKF encrypted currency trading platform

Supports blockchain digital asset trading platforms for language and currency trading in more than 100 countries around the world. An elite team of top multinational talents in the world with high system load and microsecond load

Up to 20 times leverage to amplify your earnings

Small funds also have great power and provide up to 20 times leverage. The bull market is long, the bear market is short, and the election can make or break both directions. A safe and advanced risk control system can ensure the safety of your assets.

24-hour trading, convenient service

Sometimes the ups and downs are just a matter of moments. Prepare for a shot. We provide you with top technical support. Let you easily shot and enjoy the joy of success. 24 hours convenient service.

Control my wealth anytime, anywhere

  • Real-time trading: buy, sell, leverage
  • Portable charging: recharge, withdrawal
  • Real-time reminder: market reminder, event reminder